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RECOST Elżbieta Tomaszewska


Panel photovoltaic module EXE SOLAR X-LINE 285W

Without Tax: £147.56
With Tax: £181.50

Manufacturer: EXE Włochy
Shipment:48 hours
Weight:19.50 kg
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TrinaSolar TSM-270PC05A 270W polycrystalline new photovoltaic panel
Power 270W, module efficiency - 16.5%
Pallet 30 pcs at net 123 euro per pcs

Payment prepaid transfer.
Delivery time - order, transfers, transport about 5-7 days
Transport pallet 130 euro net
Please always ask for availability

Tel. 690 567 138

Electrical data under STC conditions

Maximum power 270W
Open circuit voltage: 38.4 V
Closed Circuit Current: 9.18A
Voltage at maximum power point: 30,9 V
Current at maximum power point: 8.73 A
Module yield: 16.5%

Limit values:
Maximum system voltage: 1000V
Surge protection 15A
Temperature range: -40 to + 85C
Maximum load of 2400 Pa moss
Tested snow load of 5400 Pa

Length 1 650 mm
Width 992 mm
Depth 35 mm
Weight 18.6 kg
Quantity on pallet 30 pcs

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